Serpent Skull

Days 11 & 12

Back to Base & Moving (again)

Day 11: Back to Base Camp

The day began with an animated discussion over how we should proceed. Mwembe and I were in favor of returning to camp to get the others, while Phi believed we should continue tracking the Captain. Toshe seemed undecided. Eventually, we all agreed to the former plan.

The next seven hours were spent retracing our steps of the previous day. We made it back to Captain’s Cove by midafternoon; an afternoon where, strangely, it didn’t rain for the first time since our arrival on the island. A change in the weather, or just an anomaly? Only time will tell.

Phi approached Aerys and handed over the berries. The tall half-elf took them gratefully, immediately eating a handful. In gratitude, Aerys produced a thick manuscript; she said it was her “masterpiece”, the Abendego Cantos, an epic poem she’s been working on for some time. She offered us each the opportunity to read it in turn. Toshe requested to be the first. When no one protested Aerys carefully passed her the thick sheaf of papers.

Following this exchange, we informed the others of our discovery of the trail and the spike trap; I couldn’t tell if they were pleased or dismayed by the signs of a sizable human population on the isle.

Around the fire that evening, it was decided that we would relocate our camp once again, this time to the base of the bluff where we had spent the previous night. It seemed a more central location from which we could accomplish our various goals of finding the Captain, locating Ishirou’s treasure and possibly even the Brine Demon.

Again the night passed without incident.

Day 12: On the Move

The entire day was spent breaking down the shelter once more and again assembling it into easy to carry bundles, then hauling those bundles southward, along our now well-worn trail of the previous two days. Upon reaching the bluff beside the trail, an attempt was made to reassemble the shelter, but everyone was exhausted from the march in the stifling jungle heat. Instead a fire was built to keep the local wildlife at bay, supper was eaten, a watch order was set and we turned in for an uneventful night’s sleep.



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