Serpent Skull

Andy's Journal Day 7

Captain Korvac's Camp

Day 7: The Captain’s Camp

In the morning Phee handed each of us a single good berry. It was sweet and tart all at once and juicy as a ripe peach, fresh from the tree. It is simply amazing how filling one tiny berry can be, and how good it can make one feel for the entire day…anyway, after our very brief “meal”, we continued along the coast, eventually coming to a small cove or bay, with a beach similar to the one on which we had been stranded. Along the tree line, we found a small, hastily-built and rather shabby shelter. Outside the shelter, half buried in the sand, we came across several colorful scarves and a tricorn hat.

We were all in agreement as to whom that hat belonged: Captain Korvacs! That bastard was still alive and on the island! And the scarves could only belong to our erstwhile shipmate, Ieana. It was definitely a Varisian scarf and I was certain I had seen her wearing one very like it at dinner the evening of the shipwreck.

Shaking off the shock of this discovery, Mwembe and Toshe carefully searched the ground around the shelter and eventually located several human tracks heading off toward the south. It being late in the day, however, and having told the others we would return to our camp, we did not follow the tracks into the jungle.

Instead, we prepared to spend the night in this new camp. I wondered how we should break the news to the others that the man who had drugged us for some nefarious purpose was not only alive, but apparently marooned on the island with us. But that was a matter for the next morning.



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