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Serpent’s Skull Equipment List:

Taken From Wreck of Jenivere:

Captain’s Keys
Sea Charts/Maps – To Andy
Captain’s Log
Brandy – To Aerys
Darkwood Model in Bottle (100 gp)
Leather Satchel with Potions
Cure Light Wounds (4) – To Andy – 2 used; 2 remaining
Lesser Restoration (4)

Masterwork Dagger (Nethys) – To Jask
Leather Armor (Nethys) – To Jask
Potion of Cure Light Wounds (2)
Holy Symbol of Nethys – To Jask

Masterwork Studded Leather Armor
Masterwork Short Sword – To Andy

Lumber – Used in Shelter
Block and Tackle
Canvas Sheets (3) – Used in Shelter
Fishing Nets (2)
Grappling Hook
Bullseye Lanterns (2)
Lantern Oil Flasks (12)
Hemp Rope (150 ft.)
Shovels (5)

From The Tattooed Lady:

Weathered Cotton Fedora of the Fortunate Soldier – To Andy
Powder Horn with black powder – To Andy
Ring of Sustenance
Ring of Protection +1 – To Phee

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