Andoran “Andy” Flinn


Andoran “Andy” Flinn’s parents were born of Chelish descent in the country of Andoran. Andy’s father Haral was a scholar, teacher at a local academy and sometime adventurer. After several “discoveries”, Haral Flinn was offered a position at an academy in Kintargo, in Cheliax, and accepted.

Andoran was born in Kintargo and attended boarding school in the city, until he was old enough to enroll in the academy where his father taught. When not in school, Andy accompanied his father on archeological expeditions, almost exclusively to the country of Rahadoum, though there were some trips to ruins on the edges of the Mwangi Expanse. These trips bred a love of archeology and adventure in Andy Flinn. He began to study all he could about the Expanse.

The long periods of time spent in Rahadoum also engendered in Andoran a belief that one need not follow any god(s). His father also came to share this belief, or rather, lack of belief. Back in Cheliax, however, this absence of belief led many colleagues and former friends to avoid the Flinns, and their “social calendar” emptied rapidly. Growing tired of the isolation and the arguments over religion, Andy’s mother, Catya, a fervent follower of Milani, left them and returned to her home in the country of Andoran. Andy and his father have since lost touch with her.

While in Rahadoum, Andy met and fell in love with a Kellid slave girl named Kala. She had been captured by orcs in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords and eventually became property of a merchant working for the Aspis Consortium. After meeting several times in the bazaar, Kala’s master chased Andy off. He resolved to rescue her. One night, he snuck into the master’s compound and found Kala. They made it to the top of the wall before being seen. The merchant’s guards gave chase and Andy and Kala became separated in the darkness. Andy made his way safely to his father’s rooms and they left the next day for the desert, to search for the Last Temple. Andy never saw Kala again. The entire experience cemented in him a lifelong opposition to slavery.

While on an extended trip to the region without Andy, Haral Flinn met a man who, to all appearances, was an ancient adventurer; in fact, he was on the verge of death. In a short time, however, they became friends, Haral listening raptly as the man told his tale. It seems he’d been a guard to a delegation sent to the Mana Wastes to take part in high level negotiations between Taldor and Qadira. The delegates met in the Wastes as neither side trusted the other to refrain from the treacherous use of magic. However, on the return trip through the Wastes, a strange, shimmering, magical field swept over the party. Since that time, barely a year before, the members of the party had been aging at an accelerated rate. On his deathbed, the man presented Haral with a gift of immense value and wonder: a battered “flintlock pistol”, he called it, as well as an explosive black powder and several lead balls. He told Haral as much as he could concerning its use and care before he expired.
Upon his return to Kintargo, having no use for such a weapon himself, Haral gave the gun to his son, as some compensation for having missed the expedition. Andy was fascinated and began learning all he could about firearms. Given how rare they are, this proved difficult. But with trial and error, he learned how to care for and fire the weapon, practicing virtually every evening in a meadow outside the city walls. Eventually, he became quite proficient in its use, though he never was able to restore it to its original state.

As his study of the Mwangi Expanse progressed, Andoran appealed to the University in Egoran for funds to outfit an expedition to the Expanse, in order to investigate the ancient ruins lost in the jungle. Surprisingly, Headmaster Leroung of the University agreed to fund passage to Sargava for one person (Andy), as well as an initial allowance of 200 gold pieces to outfit him with standard adventuring gear, with any other remuneration to be decided upon Andoran’s return. The amount, of course, would depend on the quantity and quality of artifacts to be turned over to the university’s museum.

Andoran “Andy” Flinn

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